50% Teens Feel They’re ‘Addicted’ to Their Phones; 72% Want to Respond To Texts And Notifications Immediately

Smartphone addiction
Smartphone addiction

Most of us feel the addiction of smartphones. But this addiction is growing with the advancement of technology. Stats published by nonprofit Common Sense Media revealed some interesting facts about this addiction. The company did a survey on more than 1,200 parents and teenagers to find the level of smartphone addiction.

According to 50% of teens, they “feel addicted” to their mobile devices. Parents also think similar think about their children. Around 59% parents feel that their teens are addiction to mobile devices. 28% teens also feel that their parents are addicted to mobile devices. Parents confirm the same results and around 27% parents feel smartphone addiction.

Around 72% of teens and 48% parents want to reply to texts, social media messages, and notifications immediately. Around 78% of teens and 69% parents check their devices at least once in an hour.

The company also asked the questions about smartphone usage while driving. Around 56% parents and 51% teens admit that they check mobile devices while driving. This number is large and this addiction can cause big harm. While parents are already not following rules, how can they inspire or suggest their children for not using mobile devices while driving?

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We can see people around us using the mobile phone all the time. This is the reason 66% parents feel that their teens spend too much time on their mobile devices. 52% teens agree to this.

Smartphone addiction is also affecting kids and parents relationship but not much. This addiction is also becoming a reason for argument. Around 36% of parents and 32% of teens think that they argue about devices on the daily basis. Good thing is that around 21% parents and 30% teens confirm that they never argue about mobile phones.

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80% of parents and 89% of teens feel that use of mobile devices and this addition has made no differences in their relationships.

While this research does not represent the actual facts as they only included 1200 people in this survey. But it gives an idea about smartphone addiction and its effects on parents- teens relationships. Smartphone addiction is real and we must think of  reducing smartphone usage in our daily life. Use smartphone when you actually need it. Checking phone for new notifications all the time only wastes time.

We also suggest not to use mobile devices while driving. It is as or more dangerous than drink and driving.

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