10 ways to make yourself less addicted to smartphones


Smartphone has now become most important part of one’s daily life. But most of us are now addicted to smartphones. Most of us can live without food for few hours but cannot imagine to spend few hours without smartphone. What do you if you suddenly wake up mid-night from sleep? If you first check notifications before going to sleep again, you are smartphone addicted and you must think about it seriously. Smartphone is for making our life easier but do not make it a problem of your life. If you think that you are too addicted to your smartphone and want to reduce this addiction, you should read this carefully because it can lead to become Nomophobia. Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. More than 66% smartphone users have signs of this Nomophobia. So, care for yourself.

Signs of smartphone addiction or smartphone addiction symptoms

  • You use of smartphone during mealtime.
  • You spend time on smartphone at the time of interacting with other persons.
  • You feel uncomfortable when phone is not with you.
  • You frequently check your phone while you are doing other important tasks like driving, writing and eating
  • You just unlock your phone to see if there is no new notification even if you didn’t listen any notification sound.
  • You keep phone always in hand while you can put that in pocket.

If you think that the signs mentioned above applies to you or you already know and was searching for how to stop phone addiction, you must read this article.

Ways to overcome smartphone addiction

1. Turn off or minimize notifications

Smartphone offers too many notifications. If you have installed many apps, almost all apps send some kind of notifications. Most of the times, these notifications are useless but still it grabs our attentions. For example, email from some service you don’t care of shopping offer from a shopping app. So, minimize or turn off notifications when you do not want any interruption. Do this specially at night and try to sit with your family members and friends. Watch TV or walk. Do not think about phone at this time. Uninstall apps which sends too much notifications but you less use those apps.

2. Put your phone away for some time

In a day, try to put your phone away for some time. Yes, you may miss some important call or notification. But this is necessary. Avoid use of phone in toilet and washrooms. Just half an hour is enough to start. Best thing you can do is to put the phone on charging in other room.

3. Make your own smartphone usage rules

This is tough task, but you have to do this and follow the rules strictly. You can set rules like these:

  • No phone usage at mealtimes
  • No phone usage while you are with friends and family members
  • No phone usage at social events
  • No phone usage during talking to someone face-to-face
  • No phone usage in the bedroom after you go to bed

You can make rules as per your lifestyle but make it for sure. AppDetox (Android) is a nice app which lets you to set phone usage rules.

how to stop phone addiction

4. Turn off Internet for sometimes

If you think that you cannot avoid notifications, you must think off tuning your data connection off for sometime. Without data connection, there will be no notifications in your phone.

5. Mute Whatsapp groups

Whatsapp is the main thing which you attracts your attention. So, mute group conversation first. These conversations are never ending and disturbed throughout the day. If you really want to be less addicted to your phone, you must try to avoid these conversations.

6. Buy an alarm clock and put it near your bed

Most of us have habit to sleep with phone and biggest reason it to use it as alarm clock. But this is harmful and distracts sleeping. If we suddenly awake at mid-night, we see time on phone and then start checking notifications before again falling asleep. This is very bad thing we do daily. So, put an alarm clock near bed for alarm and checking time. In this way, you can avoid sleeping with phone.

“Smartphones and other gadgets used before bed can cause restless nights because the light causes melatonin suppression
Source: dailymail

7. Make a habit of wearing watch

Most of use check time in phone and it also grabs attentions towards phone. For example if I check time in phone, I also check Facebook notifications and whatsapp conversations. In this way, just checking time can waster few minutes or hours. So, wear a watch and see time in watch when you need. In this way, you can avoid picking phone out of pocket.

8. If possible, remove social media apps

Social media apps are the biggest reason for the addiction. Remove social media apps from your phone. Check your social media accounts only from laptop. Use mobile phone only for important tasks like phone call, emails, navigation and other important things.

9. Enjoy company of people who are near you

When you are without phone, try to enjoy people with you. If you are at home, talk to your family members and if you with friends enjoy with them. It helps you to know those people better and avoid your phone.

10. Close your eyes and take a deep breath when you desperately want to check your phone without any important reason

When you start following these ways, you will not feel comfortable and your attention will always be on your phone. If you are not with your phone but want to check it at any cost, close your eyes and take deep breath. Try to do some other engaging tasks which can help you in reducing stress and forget about the phone.

I this post, I tried to cover most of the possible ways to keep one away from smartphone. But there is no rocket science. You need to show some strong will to be away from smartphone. There is no smartphone addiction test to check if your addicted. You need to see if you find smartphone addiction symptoms in you then you need to apply above mentioned solutions. If you have strong will, you will be able to beat the addiction and live a happy life.