Microsoft gets patent for goggles that can sense feelings of people near you

Microsoft Goggles

Microsoft GogglesCan you sense feelings of the persons around you? No, you cannot. But Microsoft’s new technology can do this for you. Microsoft has won a patent for goggles that can detect the feelings of people around you.

Microsoft has already working on wearable devices. It launched a smart band and smart bra in past. This new patent reveals that it is working on smart glasses to compete with Google Glasses. Patent details that Microsoft has developed a “wearable emotion detection and feedback system.” By wearing a goggle packed with technology, one will be able to “detect audible and visual behaviors of a subject in a field of view of the device.”

Microsoft Sense

Device will be packed with sensors, camera and microphone to sense various things about the person in the object line. It can interpret human gestures, expressions, posture, speech of the person, temperature, word choice and voice quality and speed of speaking.

Microsoft goggles

This goggle will also be able to sense how larger group is reacting to things. If you are giving a speech, you can check how you are doing.

It is unclear when Microsoft will release a product based on this technology. Companies often win patents but never use it in any products. But from the description, this technology seems interesting.

Source: WSJ

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