Google Play Store updated, Adds finer security control for app purchases

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Google has started updating its Google Play Store. This will be effective from today itself. There are certain changes in mass install support and from now onwards there is a option in which password is required for any purchases on Google Play Store

A new feature is added named Batch install support in which you can select multiple applications by going in to my apps and they will be downloaded and installed in one instance but the permissions you have select individually for installing app but still lot of your work has been simplified by this Batch install support.

The second big change in Google Play Store is called “Always Ask password for purchases”. This feature is very important in the sense nobody can make false purchases from your account. There is a recent news about a mother sued Google when her boy has made a random purchase of a game that cost Rs 65$. This feature is very helpful in avoiding such kind of situations. At least Google can avoid such kind of lawsuit by claiming that we have given you the password protection. These incidents can be avoided in the near future.

Google Play Store

Key Changes in Google Play Store client v4.6.16:

  • Batch install support Added by which multiple apps can be downloaded at one instance.
  • Always Ask password for purchases for security reasons.
  • Google now shows if an app has in-app purchases in App Permissions
  • UI improvements and other small tweaks
  • Settings and Help links moved to slide-out navigation
  • Option to force update Google Play Store client