Riot’s FPS shooting game Valorant is launching on June 2nd


Riot’s anticipated shooting game Valorant is launching on June 2. The game has been available in closed beta since April but for limited regions. After the official launch, it will be available on PC for free across the globe. The closed beta is ending on May 28.

Valorant is an FPS team game where two teams with 5 players each will fight using different weapons. The game is inspired by Overwatch and Counter-Strike.

Several gamers have already been streaming their Valorant gameplay since the beta went live. The game is already a success even when it is in closed beta. It surpassed initial expectations in almost all regions. At one point, Valorant managed to get 1.7 million viewers on Twitch. Several professional CS GO players have also announced that they are moving from CS GO to Valorant. This created a further positive buzz for Valorant.

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Gamers who are already enjoying beta will be disappointed to know that their Valorant progress will reset and they will have to start fresh.

Riot will also deploy new servers in Atlanta, Dallas, London, Madrid, and Warsaw to keep services up when new players join. The company will also add new modes, characters, and maps shortly after launching the game officially.