“Sign In From Unauthorised Device” New Phishing Attack Targetting Gmail Users

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Hackers have started a new phishing scam against Gmail users. This new phishing scam send emails to Gmail users with subject “Sign In From Unauthorised Device” along with details of unauthorized access. If you are smart, you can easily notice that the email if fake. But this mail seems to target mobile users. It may make it hard to detect by normal internet user.

The mail is being sent from email address “noreply@colservers.com”

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See the snapshot of email which I received in my Gmail inbox.

"Sign In From Unauthorised Device" New Phishing Attack Targetting Gmail Users

You can see that this email also contains a link to review your Google Account settings. This link has been shorten by Google’s URL shortener. When we clicked on the link, it redirects us to a fake mobile phishing page. This was the URL.


See the snapshot of the fake page below.

"Sign In From Unauthorised Device" New Phishing Attack Targetting Gmail Users

We have already reported this phishing page to Gmail. Few hours later, we noticed that Google Chrome is also warning the page as Suspected Phishing Site.

If you are one of those people who have received this fake email, they can simply ignore this email or report it to Gmail as phishing email.


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