Aadhaar To Become Mandatory for Property Deals and Driving licence

aadhaar card
aadhaar card

This BJP-led government is very serious to link everything with Aadhaar card. Even if the matter of privacy and Aadhaar linking is being debated in the Supreme Court, Indian Government is continuing with their effort to expand the usage of Aadhar.

Now it has made Aadhaar number mandatory for registration of any property in India. It is also mandatory for issuing a driving licence.

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Aadhaar for real estate has been expected for a long time. This is the sector where most of the black money is invested and it results in property price hike. So, the government has made it mandatory to include Aadhaar during the registration of a property. It will also soon amend Sections 32 and 32A of the Registration Act, 1908 to avoid any legal loopholes.

When PAN card is already linked with Aadhaar, it will help Income Tax Department to find black money hoarders from skipping tax and keep real estate transparent.

In a similar news, the government has also made Aadhaar mandatory for issuing a driving licence. The government will create a new central database of all vehicles and their owners using Aadhaar.

In coming days, every driving licence will be required to be linked with Aadhaar database. It will not just help in blocking all ‘bogus licence’, but also in tracking if a person is hiding asset. Tracking down bogus licence will also prevent the issuance of multiple licences, criminal offences or a fake identity.

Linking everything will surely help government a lot but privacy must also be secured in the same way. By forcing Aadhaar and PAN linkage, the government was able to cancel 11 lakh PANs. This is when less than a third of individual PANs have been linked.

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