Intel’s new target ‘Cloud Computing’

Intel's new target 'Cloud Computing'
Intel's new target 'Cloud Computing'

Aimed at shaping the future of cloud computing and how increasing numbers of everyday devices will add computing capabilities, Intel Labs announced the latest Intel Science and Technology Centers (ISTC) both headquartered at Carnegie Mellon University, which host the two new ISTC on cloud and embedded computing research.

These centers represent the next $30 million installment of Intel’s recently announced 5-year, $100 million ISTC program to increase university research and accelerate innovation in a handful of key areas. As with previously announced ISTCs for visual computing and secure computing, the new centers encourage tighter collaboration between university thought leaders and Intel.
“These new ISTCs are expected to open amazing possibilities,” said Justin Rattner, Intel Chief Technology Officer.

The ISTC forms a new cloud computing research community that broadens Intel’s “Cloud 2015” vision with new ideas from top academic researchers, and includes research that extends and improves on Intel’s existing cloud computing initiatives.The researchers will explore technology that will have has important future implications for the cloud, including more efficient and effective support of big data analytics on massive amounts of online data, built-in application optimization and making the cloud more distributed and localized by extending cloud capabilities to the network edge and even to client devices.

The main aim of research is to make it easier for these everyday devices to continuously collect, analyze and act on useful data from both sensors and online databases in a way that is timely, scalable and reliable.


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