15 Essential Accessories For Your DSLR Camera

Essential Accessories For Your DSLR Camera

Many of us love to click beautiful photos and want the best results from their DSLR for perfect shots. A photograph looks perfect if you have the best DSLR accessories along with a good camera. These accessories help in making a perfect environment for clicking amazing photos.

If you just bought a new DSLR camera, and are new to photography, this article is for you. Also, if you are a good DSLR user and looking for the best camera accessories do read this article. Buying just a DSLR is not enough. To get a better photography experience, there are a few essential accessories that you must own. These camera accessories help in a good photography experience.

As a newcomer in this photography world, it is hard to know what is essential and where to spend your money. So, I am adding a list of the most essential accessories for a DSLR Camera.

Must-Have DSLR Camera Accessories

Here is the list of the best DSLR accessories that you can buy for your DSLR camera and make your photography experience good.

1. Tripod

Tripod for DSLR

One of the most important camera accessories is the Tripod. Invest in good quality but lightweight tripod that is easy to carry. You can either carry a regular tripod or get a mini tripod. This helps you in keeping your camera stable and capture better photos and videos. With the tripod, you can even shoot yourself.

These are few links to good tripods available via Amazon.

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Find more Tripods here: Best Tripods Under Rs. 2000

2. Camera Cleaning Accessories Kit

Camera Cleaning Accessories Kit

Your lens can easily attract dirt and you should not forget to clean it regularly. You must buy the set of camera cleaning accessories that includes the LensPen cleaner, Cleaning Cloth, Air Blaster, and more.

Links to buy a good camera cleaning accessories Kit:

For Indian consumers

For Global consumers

3. External Flash

External Flash

DSLR camera comes with a really weak flash. So, you can only take the average quality of photos in low light. If you want to take indoor photos in a better way, you must buy an external flash to help you in low-light environment. The external flash makes a huge difference in the quality of pictures.

For Indian consumers

For Global consumers

4. UV Filters

UV Filters

UV Filters are another important investment for DSLR owners. This not just reduces the UV rays but also protects our expensive lens from accidental bumps and breaks. It also protects the lens from dust, dirt, and scratches.

While buying the UV filters, take care of the lens size.

For Indian consumers

For Global consumers

5. Lens Hood

Lens Hood

Lens Hood plays an important role when you are shooting outdoors during the daytime. It helps in avoiding stray light, ghosting and lens flaring. If there is a strong light source, it also avoids the small circle of light in your picture. Additionally, it also prevents lens scratches and dings.

Lens Hoods are available on Amazon for different camera models. Don’t forget to check the listing here.

6. Wireless Remote Control

The wireless remote control helps when you want to take a group picture or you have mounted your camera at a position where you cannot reach. It also helps when you want to capture the photo without any vibration.

Buy wireless remote control from Amazon.in

Buy wireless remote control from Amazon.Com

7. Extra Lens Cap

The lens cap is an important thing that protects your camera lens. But this is something you might easily get lost. So, you must have an extra lens cap for emergency situations.

Buy Extra Lens Cap from Amazon.in


While many high-end DSLR cameras come with Wi-Fi, an entry-level DLSR camera lacks this. So, the Eye-Fi card plays an important role. With this, you will be able to automatically and wirelessly uploads photos from your camera to the computer. So, you will not have to plug your SD card into the laptop to transfer photos. This will surely save you time.

I already wrote about best WI-Fi SD cards in past. You can check that post to know how these cards work.

For Indian consumers

For Global consumers

9. External Microphone

External Mic for DSLR

If you have plans to record videos, you should not trust the in-built microphone of the camera. It is because the inbuilt microphone of the DSLR is very weak and records audio with too much noise. So, buy an external microphone to record the better quality of audio for your videos.

For Indian consumers

For Global consumers

You can also buy a portable digital sound recorder. It works independently. Record voice and then sync with your video.

10. Extra Batteries and Charger

If you have plans to travel with your DSLR, you must keep extra batteries and chargers. It will help you a lot when you are on long trips and you will not get the chance to charge your camera. In this case, keep extra batteries in your camera bag.

Visit Amazon.in or Amazon.com and search for batteries and chargers for your DSLR camera model.

11. Extra Lenses

The DSLR has a basic lens in the kit but if you want to do wildlife photography or/and portrait photography, you will need a suitable lens to do the job. For example, for wildlife photography, you will need Telephoto zoom lenses. These lenses are designed to do a specific job.

Check this list of Best Lenses For Portrait Photography in All Price Range

Buy Lenses for DSLR

12. Camera Bag

The camera bags are an important part of camera accessories. You need a bag to keep all these camera accessories together in one place. The camera bag should be strong enough to hold all the items. The camera bag should have a dedicated pocket for every essential accessory.

Buy a DSLR Camera bag

13. LCD Protector

The rear LCD with a screen protector is very necessary. Many DSLR cameras come with a plastic protector for the camera LCD. But we recommend you buy a tempered glass DSLR screen protector.

Buy LCD screen protector

14. Remote Flash Trigger

The remote flash trigger is used to control remote flash (Speedlight or studio light) in DSLR.

Buy Remote Flash Trigger

15. Diffuser Reflector 

The diffuser provides classic soft but crisp light that is good for portrait and event photography. If you love to click portrait photographs then this is a must-have camera accessory. It is ideal for shooting portraits or event such as weddings, proms or corporate events on location, etc.

Buy Diffuser

Read more, Best Lenses For Portrait Photography in All Price Range

Final Words

Depending on your usage, there can be many more useful accessories you can buy. If you have bought a DSLR, always try to get the maximum out of it. These accessories help you to get better photography or videography experience. If you think that I have missed something useful, you can comment below to notify and I will surely add that to this list.

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