9 Best Tripods Under Rs. 2000 in India

5 Best Tripods Under Rs. 2000

I have already written an article on the best tripods under Rs. 1000. But those tripods are very basic. So, the experience is not very good, especially while capturing moving shots. In this article, I am listing the best tripods under Rs. 2000. While these are also not the best one, but better than the previous list. I have considered several factors before listing these best options.

Tripod is essential for capturing good shots or recording good videos. It helps in keeping the camera steady and even allows you to shoot yourself. If you are thinking about starting video production for YouTube or Instagram, you should consider having one.

Note: I use a Benro T-800EX Tripod that is really good.

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Best Tripods Under Rs. 2000

Here is the list of best tripods under 2000 INR in India.

Best Tripods Under 2000Price Buy Here
Digitek DTR 550 LW Tripod Rs. 1730Buy Here
Bosch BT150 Professional Tripod Rs. 1990Buy Here
 Syvo S -1000 PRO Tripod Rs. 1,549Buy Here
Yunteng Vct-690 Rs. 1999Buy Here
Simpex Tripod C-606 Rs. 1599Buy Here
BENRO T560 Tripod Rs. 1990Buy Here
Fotopro DIGI-3400 Rs. 1299Buy Here
AmazonBasics Rs. 749Buy Here
Osaka VCT660 Rs. 1499Buy Here

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1. Digitek DTR 550 LW Tripod

Tripods Under Rs. 2000

Digitek DTR 550 LW Tripod is a portable and lightweight aluminum tripod with a 360-degree ball head. It has a load capacity of 5kg which is good for carrying a heavy DSLR with big lenses. The operating height of the tripod is 5.57 Feet.

The Digitek tripod DTR 550 has stable camera support which is best for low-light shooting, long exposures, panning shots, panoramas, and more. It is compatible with most video cameras, digital cameras, still cameras, GoPro devices, Smartphone adapters, and scopes.

  • Lightweight
  • Maximum Load Capacity up to 4.5kg
  • Good Stability
  • Aluminum Tripod with 360 Degree Ball Head
  • No tripod phone holder

Price: Rs. 1730

Buy Now: Amazon

2. Bosch BT150 Professional Tripod

This is the best tripod under Rs. 2000. It is a multifunctional tripod with good build quality and durability. It can support a camera of up to 4KG of weight. The minimum being is 55cm while the maximum height is 157cm. It comes with a 3-way ball head and a Center column pull rod. The weight of this tripod is 1.3kg.

  • Good build quality and durability.
  • Heavy
  • low-grade plastic rotating lever

Price: Rs. 1990

Buy Here: Amazon

3. Syvo S -1000 PRO Tripod for DSLR

The Syvo S -1000 PRO Tripod for DSLR has a maximum operating height of 5.57 Feet. There are three sections for height adjustment so that the tripod can easily be operated on uneven surfaces. There is a clip lock system that helps the tripod set up anywhere like a rock or couch. It has 360 Degree Ball Head rotation.

The maximum Load Capacity of this tripod is up to 5kg. It is made of Aluminum which makes it Portable and Lightweight.

The best thing about this tripod is that it is compatible with most video cameras, DSLRs, GoPros, and even smartphones.

  • Sturdy
  • Simple and easy to handle.
  •  The pan and tilt are smooth
  • Not completely aluminum as claimed by the company
  • little delicate but the best deal at this price.

Price: Rs. 1549

Buy Here: Amazon

4. Yunteng Vct-690

Yunteng Vct-690 Tripods Under Rs. 2000

Yunteng Vct-690 is another good tripod to buy for under Rs. 2000. It features a good build and can support up to 4Kg of weight. The max height of this tripod can be 145.5 cm and the minimum height is 4.8 cm. It is. multifunctional tripod with a three-way head moment. It also comes with a carry bag.

The only drawback of this tripod is the pan-handle not works smoothly. Sometimes the camera head does not move smoothly during the video shoot. But you can easily overcome this drawback by adding some weights under the tripod.

  • Value for money
  • Not very smooth movement

Price: Rs. 1915

Buy Here: Amazon

5. Simpex Tripod C-606

Simpex is a known brand for affordable and good tripods. Simpex C-606 Tripod is also a good product offering value for money quality. This tripod can support a camera of up to 2.5 Kg weight. It works fine and does not shake if you use it on a flat surface.

It is made up of high-quality Aluminum alloy that makes it light in weight. There is a hook under the tripod to hang weights. All the screws used in tripods are metallic and greased.

  • Sturdy
  • Good leg grips
  •  It starts slipping from its actual angle when you tilt the camera for a portrait view.

Price: Rs. 1599

Buy Here: Amazon

6. Benro Digital Tripod Kit T560

Benro Digital Tripod is built with aluminum alloy that gives it strength & sturdiness. It has 3-leg sections that lend greater vibration reduction on uneven areas. It is a light weighted tripod with a weight of just 0.94 Kg that can bear up to 2.5 Kg of DSLR weight.

The maximum operating height of this tripod is 56.5inches whereas its foldable height is 14.7inches. It also has a panhandle that helps to capture simultaneous horizontal and vertical motions.

  • Good build quality
  • Easy to carry during travel
  • No hooks for weight

Price: 1990

Buy Now: Amazon

7. Fotopro DIGI-3400

Fotopro DIGI-3400

Fotopro DIGI-3400 is also a good tripod for users who have less budget but want a decent tripod. It has a folded height of 38 cm and a max height of 12.1 cm. So, it is relatively smaller than other tripods on this list. If you don’t need a bigger one, this will suit you. It weighs 0.5 KG and can support a weight of 2 KG. It also comes with a carry bag.

  • Compact Tripod
  • highly durable
  • The Head is not comfortable
  • Less hight

Price: Rs. 1299

Buy Here: Amazon

8. AmazonBasics Tripod

AmazonBasics Tripod

AmazonBasics also has good tripods to consider. This tripod can carry a weight of up to 3KG. It has two built-in bubble view levels and a 3-way head to allow for tilt and swivel motion. It measures 63.5 cm in a folded state and 152.4 cm in maximum height. It is light in weight and works well. It also comes with a zippered carrying case. So, carrying this tripod is also easy.

  • Affordable tripod
  • 2 levelers
  • Legs are still strong
  • handle is smooth
  • Not very strong build quality
  • Little wobbly in full height

Price: Rs. 749

Buy Here: Amazon

9. Osaka VCT660 Camera Tripod

Osaka VCT660 Camera Tripod is made from High-Grade Aluminium Alloy. It has 3-way Panhead & Quick Flip Leg Locks. The maximum height of this tripod is 152.5 cm, and the folded height is 61.0cm with a loading capacity of 3.5kg. This tripod under 2000 INR is also suitable for macro photography.

  • Great for beginners
  • Comes with a mobile holder
  • Sturdy and stable.
  • Has some plastic parts.

Price: Rs. 1499

Buy Here: Amazon

Final Words

This was the list of best tripods Under 2000 INR. These are ordered in terms of quality. You can select any of these depending on your requirement and budget. Take care of operating height and weight for sure. If you liked this list of best tripods under Rs. 2000, do not forget to share this with friends.

I may have missed a good one, so do not forget to notify me if there is any good tripod under Rs. 2000 that I missed to include in this list.

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