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7 Best Geysers or Water Heaters in India

Best Geysers or Water Heaters in India
Best Geysers or Water Heaters in India


Winter is coming and I don’t need to explain the importance of hot water in winters. If you are looking to buy a good Geyser or Water heater, you are in the right place. In this article, we are listing the best Geysers or Water heaters in India. While making this list, we have considered several things including Geyser type, capacity, and rating. You also need to know a few things about the Electric Geyser water heater before you buy one. So, keep reading.

Geyser has mainly three components: Heating element, Water tank, and Thermostat. The heating element is the most important component. The tank holds the hot water, so it should be strong enough and capacity must be enough to meet your requirements. In old Gyser models, they used Stainless steel water tanks but new models now come with Vitreous Enamel glass coated tanks. These tanks are corrosion resistants and avoid hard water scaling. Most of the companies offer 5-7 years of warranty on these. The third part is the thermostat which is the operating system of Geyser. It decides when to start or stop the heater.

You may also be in confusion about whether you should buy Instant Geyser vs Storage Geyser. So, here are a few things you should know about these two.

Instant Geyser occupies less space on the wall as it doesn’t come with storage. It also starts giving hot water immediately when you switch on the geyser. Storage Geyser takes up to 5 minutes before you get hot water. Water heating cost is also cheaper in Instant Geysers because you will be using hot water immediately. The lifespan of Instant Geysers is also higher as compared to storage Geysers.

Things you should consider when buying a Geyser

You should always consider your usage before selecting the capacity of the water heater. Instant water geyser is good for washing kitchen utensils, hand wash, and bathing using a bucket. In many families, Instant water geysers cannot solve the purpose. So, I recommend going with water heaters with storage.

If I summarise, here are the key points.

  • It should be fast in heating water
  • It should be safe and shouldn’t put much load on the electricity bill
  • Size should be enough for your family size

You may get a cheap water heater, but you should always give safety priority over price.

If you are not sure what geyser capacity you should prefer, here’s the chart to help you.

Water heater or Geyser

Best Geysers or Water heaters in India

Here is the list of best Best Geysers in India. All these listed water heaters come with 25 liters of the storage tank. In case you need a lesser storage tank in the geyser, you can buy the same model with a lesser storage tank.

Best Geysers in IndiaCapacityPriceBuy Here
Hindware Atlantic Ondeo Evo SWH25 LitresRs. 8499Buy Here
Crompton Solarium DLX SWH82525 LitresRs. 8449Buy Here
AO Smith HSE-SDS-2525 LitresRs. 9149Buy Here
V-Guard Victo Plus25 LitresRs. 8,342Buy Here
Venus Magma Plus25 LitresRs. 8258Buy Here
V-Guard Victo25 LitresRs. 7950Buy Here
Bajaj New Shakti25 LitresRs. 7060Buy Here

1. Hindware Atlantic Ondeo Evo SWH

Hindware Atlantic Ondeo Evo SWH

Hindware Geyser

This is the best geyser or water heater you can buy for less than Rs. 10000. It is an advanced water heater with lots of safety features and options. The water heater has a Capacity of 25 letters making it suitable for home-usage. It comes with O’pro technology that claims to provide additional protection to the tank and heating element against corrosion. Geyser also has a temperature control knob that you can set to control the temperature of the water coming out of the water heater. It has an optimized inlet diffuser that keeps the water temperature equally balanced.

The company offers 2 years of warranty on the product, 7 years on the tank and 2 years on the heating element.

  • Capacity: 25 Ltrs
  • Wattage: 2500 Watts
  • 8 Bar pressure tank
  • Temperature Range: 25 – 75 Degree C
  • O’pro technology
  • Warranty: 2 years of on product, 2 years on inner tank; 2 years on the heating element

Buy Here: Amazon Flipkart

2. Crompton Solarium DLX SWH825

Crompton Solarium DLX SWH825

Crompton water heater

Crompton is a known brand offering water geysers in India. Crompton Solarium DLX SWH825 is a 25 liters water heater offering value for money performance. It is 8 bar pressure rated which makes it suitable for high rise buildings. It features Advanced 3 Tier Temperature Sensing and best in class technology to be top in this list. It also has a Special Type Heating Element that has nickel-coated copper to provide resistance against salts and corrosive particles. The body is made of High-grade ABS to ensure the rust-free performance of the outer body.

Crompton offers on-site service on the product. You get 2 years of warranty on the product and heating element but 5 years of warranty on the tank.

  • Capacity: 25 Ltrs
  • Wattage: 2000 Watts
  • Nanopolymer coated water tank
  • 8 Bar pressure tank

Buy Here: Amazon Flipkart

3. AO Smith HSE-SDS-25

AO Smith HSE-SDS-25

AO Smith HSE-SDS-25 is another good 25 liters water heater to buy. It has a Glass Coated Heating Element that prevents scale formation and also extends the life of the heating element. It also has Blue Diamond technology that increases the life of the tank. This water heater also comes with a temperature control knob and you can change the temperature from 25 to 75 degrees Celsius. The tank has an anode rod, Thermal Cutout to assure safety, and a Safety Valve.

The company offers 2 years warranty on the product and 7 years warranty on the tank. The heating element comes with 2 years warranty but you get 2 additional years if you register the product within 60 days of purchase.

  • Capacity: 25 Ltrs
  • Wattage: 2000 Watts
  • Blue Diamond technology
  • Temperature Range: 25 – 75 Degree C
  • Glass Coated Heating Element

Buy Here: Amazon Flipkart

4. V-Guard Victo Plus

Water Heaters in India

The V-Gaurd Victo Plus has an elegant style and it is highly energy-efficient. This water heater is perfect for modern households with strong, reliable build and advanced technology. It has Seven Segment Digital Display that displays the temperature of water in the inner tank. Victo Plus Water Heater is a 4 layered safety system with a Hi-tech thermostat and thermal cut-out mechanisms that ensure precise temperature regulation and avoid overheating conditions by cutting off the power.

  • Capacity: 25 L
  • Wattage: 2000 W
  • Energy Star: 4 Star
  • Temperature Control Knob
  • High Pressure Withstanding Up To 8 Bar

Buy Here: Amazon

5. Venus Magma Plus

Best Water Heaters in India

Venus Magma Plus has a capacity of 25L. It also comes in two different colors including Ivory and White. The company also offers free installation in selected cities across the country. Venus Magma Plus has a durable and corrosion-resistant porcelain enamel tank. It is designed to be hard waterproof with scaleguard technology that has 2 glass-lined ceramic heating elements that reduce scale deposits and last longer. The Thick PUF insulation in this water geyser keeps the water hot for a much longer time and reduces energy consumption. The laptop has 8 bars pressure making it suitable for a multi-story building. It also features an analog thermometer to display the water temperature inside the tank.

  • Capacity -25L
  • wattage – 2000 watts,
  • pressure: 8 bars,
  • Energy Star:5 star
  • Scale guard technology
  • Protection: Maximum protection against hard water and corrosion
  • Rated pressure – 8 bar
  • Guarantee – 5 Years on Inner Tank, 2 Years on Heating Element & 2 Years on Product

Buy Here: Amazon

6. V-Guard Victo

V-Guard Victo

V-Guard Victo is also a good water heater you can think of buying. Like other water heaters, it also has an easy-to-use temperature control knob. It has a 4 layered safety system that includes a high-tech thermostat and thermal cut-out mechanism. So, it prevents over-heating and offers accurate temperature regulation. The tank is made of Steel with Glass Lined AC Coating and the outer body is made of Powder Coated Mild steel. The body is Corrosion Resistant.

V-Guard offers 2 Years Warranty on Product, 3 Years on Heating Element and 5 Years Warranty on Inner Tank.

  • Capacity: 25 Ltrs
  • Wattage: 2500 Watts
  • 8 Bar pressure tank
  • Temperature Range: 25 – 75 Degree C
  • Four Layered Safety System

Buy Here: Amazon Flipkart

7. Bajaj New Shakti GL

Bajaj New Shakti GL

Bajaj New Shakti GL is also a good water heater and comes with 25 liters of a large tank. The heater tank has PUF insulation to keep water hot for a greater period of time. It keeps the safety of users as a top priority and prevents overheating dry heating, and even excess pressure. This is also one of the best water heaters available in India.

Like other water heaters in this list, this also comes with 2 years of warranty on the product and inner tank but 5 years on the heating element. It operates using about 2000 W of energy.

  • Capacity: 25 Litres
  • Wattage: 2000 Watts
  • 8 Bar Pressure Rated
  • PUF insulation on tank
  • Warranty: 2 years of on product & inner tank; 5 years on the heating element

Buy Here: Amazon Flipkart

Final words

Now you have the list of best Geysers in India or nest water heaters in India. You can buy any of these and have a good experience. In case you want a Geyser of lower capacity, you can buy the same model with lower water tank capacity.

I have considered several factors while preparing this list. If you think I missed a good water heater, you can let me know and I will check that as well.