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5 Best Gaming Headset Stands

Gaming Headset Stands
Gaming Headset Stands


You can put your headset on the table when you are not playing games but there are a few people who use a dedicated headset stand to put the headphone on it. A headset stand or headphone stand helps in reducing clutter on the table and looks good. Some people say a headset stand also gives the headset a safer place to rest. I don’t think there’s any safety benefit until you are not throwing your headset on the table. You can also safely put it on the table, above the monitor, or on your PC cabinet when not in use. Some monitors and cabinets also come with a dedicated headset stand.

Gaming headset stands are usually more expensive than ordinary Headset stands. The reason is RGB lighting and extra USB ports. So, Gaming Headset stands can also act as a USB hub for your gaming PC. That is the reason Gaming Headset stands are usually costlier than regular headphone stands.

Now if you have decided to buy a good gaming headset stand to make your gaming setup look even better, keep reading. In this article, I will be taking a look at the best gaming headset stands.

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Best Gaming Headset Stands

1. Razer Base Station Chroma HeadPhone/headset Stand

Razer Base Station Chroma HeadPhone or headset Stand

Razer is known for offering premium gaming devices. The company also sells premium gaming headset stands. Razer Base Station Chroma is the best gaming headset stand you can get. This can also act as a USB 3.0 hub. That’s the reason for high pricing.

This gaming headset stand is made of high-grade plastic and has an anti-slip feel to offer stability. It also includes a 3-port USB 3.0 hub with audio-pass through. So, you can directly connect your devices and headphones to the stand. The design is detachable. You can detach the headphone stand and keep using it as a USB hub.

The headphone stand also has RGB lighting that has Razer Chroma integrations. The lightings also react to Windows notifications. Ths RGB lighting makes it suitable for your gaming setup.

The primary con of the headphone stand is the small cable. You will have to keep it near the PC cabinet to connect it to the USB of the Cabinet. Another con could be the pricing.

Price: Rs. 6999

Buy Here: Amazon MD Computers


CORSAIR ST100 : Gaming Headphone stand

CORSAIR ST100 is also a premium headset stand for gamers. CORSAIR is also a known gaming products brand. Its CORSAIR ST100 is a premium gaming headset with RGB light integration. The gaming headset is made of aluminum and looks really premium. It has a rubberized base to prevent slipping.

The reason why this gaming headset stand is pricy because it enables virtual surround sound on any 3.5mm analog headset. The built-in 3.5mm jack creates full-range stereo or 7.1 surround sound for an improved audio experience. It also has dual USB 3.1 Gen1 ports for faster data speeds and charging.

You can use CORSAIR Utility Engine software to control the RGB lights. The software also lets you sync the RGB lights of the headset stand with other CORSAIR products you own such as a keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and headset.

Price: Rs. 5999

Buy Here: Amazon MD Computers

3. ZEBRONICS Zeb-Demon

ZEBRONICS Zeb-Demon headphone stand

ZEBRONICS Zeb-Demon is also a good gaming headphone stand to complement your gaming setup. This gaming headset stand looks really good and features RGB Led lights. It has 5 RGB LED modes that can be controlled with the switch on the headset stand. The headset stand is made of Abs Material for a solid build. The headphone stand also features detachable legs and Anti-skid bottom grip for being stable on the table. The stand comes with a 1.5-meter-long and durable USB cable. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack to connect gaming headphones. The gaming headset also has two USB ports for connecting other devices such as pen drives, keyboards, and mice.

Price: Rs. 2355

Buy Here: Amazon

4. Redragon Scepter PRO HA300

Redragon Scepter PRO HA300 gaming headset

If you want a cost-effective option without compromising RGB lighting, Redragon Scepter PRO HA300 is a good gaming headphone stand for you. Redragon Scepter PRO HA300 is made of aluminum to offer a durable construction. It has dynamic RGB lighting with 10 light effect mode options. There is a dedicated button to change the RGB light effect. The base has a non-slip rubberized pad to avoid slipping.

The base also has 4 USB 2.0 ports and can act as a USB Hub for your gaming PC. So, you can connect and charge other devices.

Price: Rs. 1699

Buy Here: Amazon

5. TECHBLAZE RGB headset stand

TECHBLAZE RGB headset stand

TECHBLAZE RGB headset stand is an affordable gaming head[hone stand that comes with a good design and nice features. This gaming headset stand comes in small size and can also be disassembled. It has a rotary bearing on the base to adjust it to different degrees. The base also has 4 non-slip rubber bases for stability. The headphone stand features RIGH lighting with 10 kinds of lighting modes. The multi-color flowing and single-color breathing modes feel really impressive.

The headphone stand features 2 USB Ports & AUX Port. You can connect other accessories to the headphone stand for different purposes.

Price: Rs. 1649

Buy Here: Amazon

Wrap Up

Not many gaming headsets are available in the market. I also didn’t include gaming headsets that cost more than Rs. 10000. Obviously, that doesn’t make sense to put a huge amount on a gaming headset just to show off. Obviously, these gaming headsets also act as a USB hub for your PC. So, they help in removing clutter from the desk. In case you still find these unaffordable, you can get any regular good looking headset priced around Rs. 500. MTANK Headphone Stand Wood is the one I can recommend.