5 Best Android Emulators for Linux

Android Emulators for Linux
Android Emulators for Linux

The emulator is software on a computer system that behaves like another computer system. When I am talking about Android Emulators for Linux, it means a program for Linux that runs like the Android environment. It is used by developers and testers to test their apps for Android using the Linux system. You can run Android apps and games on your Linux system. Emulators are also used by gamers to run Android games on their system. I have already listed best Android Emulators for PC but that basically included Android Emulators for Windows and Mac. So, I decided to make a dedicated list of Android Emulators for Linux.

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Best Android Emulators for Linux

1. Android-x86

If you are looking to run Android apps on your Ubuntu environment, you can use Android-x86 iOS file inside any virtual environment. You just need to download the ISO file from the link given below. You can use any virtual environment software like VirtualBox to mount the ISO and run the Android Environment on your Linux-based system. It is very simple to setup and use.

Android-x86 is an open source project. You can contribute or donate to help the development.


2. Andy OS

Andy OS is another excellent Android Emulator for Linux. It is available for several Linux based environments including Mac. So, you can now play Android games on your Linux based system easily. Andy OS is also available for Mac. While setting up Andy OS for your Linux system, make sure to allot proper resources to the virtual environment if you want smoother experience. If you want to run heavy games or apps, it should get enough RAM.


3. Android SDK

If you are a developer and want Android Emulator for testing your apps, you can use Android SDK that comes with an Emulator to run your apps. You can download the Android SDK and Android Studio on your Linux system. The whole setup is heavy, so it takes much time to download and install. Then you can play Android games and run Android apps on your system without needing an Android phone.


4. GenyMotion

GenyMotion is another good Android Emulator for Linux. It works similar to Android SDK and allows developers to test their apps on different Android devices. Other people can also use this to test how a game or app work on Android without needing an Android phone. You can download the GenyMotion Android Emulator for Linux from GenyMotion’s website after creating a free account. Setting up GenyMotion on a Linux PC is easy.


5. Anbox

Anbox is also a good Opensource Android Emulator you can install on your Linux system. This emulator runs the entire Android system, so you can run any Android app. It also puts Android apps into a tightly sealed box, so none of the hardware can access to the data. It makes this platform secure. The only issue with this Android Emulator for Linux is that it doesn’t ship with Google Play Store. But you can always install third-party apps by using the APK file.


Final Words

Here is the list of best Android Emulators for Linux. If you use Linux system and wants a good Android Emulator for Linux, you can check this list and download one for you. You can use these Emulators for playing Android games or trying an Android app on your Linux PC.

If you think I missed any good Android Emulator for Linux to add in this list, you can let me know. I will surely try that and include in this list.


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