Ravtek E1 Review: Budget Earbuds with No Compromise

Ravtek E1 Review
Ravtek E1 Review

Along with Ravtek X10, I was also testing Ravtek E1, true wireless earbuds from the Ravtek. These earbuds don’t cost much but promise good music and long battery backup. You will surprise to know that the earbuds claim to offer up to 90 hours of playtime with the case. At a price of Rs. 5999, this pair of buds look a sweet deal. I have been using these buds for the past few days and here is the review of Ravtek E1.

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Ravtek E1 Review

Let’s have a look at the design first. Ravtek E1 earbuds come with an ergonomic design that offers a secure fit. You also get three extra pair of ear tips of different sizes to use if default ear tips are not a good fit. Fitting is really good and buds never come out automatically even if you use it while running or intensive workout. These earbuds are IPX7 rated to be splash-proof and sweatproof. So, you can keep using these buds during sports activities including running and workout.

The outer area is flat and touch-sensitive. The right bud has a blue circle and the left one has a red circle at the border of touch area. This looks really cool. It supports different gestures like single tap, double tap or triple tap. A single tap on any of the buds is to play or pause music, Double tap on left bud is for switching to the previous track while a double tap on right for the next track. To increase the volume, press the touch and hold the right bud. Do the same on the left bud to decrease the volume. To receive a call, double tap on any of the buds. There’s a slight delay between tap and action, but it is efficient.

The charging case is a bit heavier as compared to you get with other earbuds, but this one comes with a large battery to give you extraordinary battery backup. There are also LED indicators to show you the charge level of case and individual charge levels of each bud. The case has a transparent top, so the charge level of the case is always visible. The case has a micro USB port to charge. The case also supports reverse charging and can act as a power bank. It has a USB-A port to charge other devices.

Audio quality is better than most of the buds of this segment. I really liked the music experience due to its premium quality sound. While most of the times sound feels to be balanced, but lows get a bit priority. That’s why Bass impresses, that most of you want and you will feel punchy beats in hip hops. Vocals remain clear while giving the music its own space. Sound is clear producing you a good level of highs, mids, and lows. I tested these buds with several kinds of tracks and found good results. Loudness is good and sound quality remains fine even on high volume.

You can also use these buds for hands-free calls. Microphones in buds do a good job, so you will get a good calling experience.

Buds come with Bluetooth 5 and connectivity is really good. As soon as you take buds out of the case, they will connect to the previously connected smartphone or tablet. Connectivity is really good if you are in range.

Ravtek E1 Review

I also want to mention an important tip if you are planning to use this one. While using these buds, I once felt that both are working independently. That means I can only pair either right or left. Or I can use both with two devices separately. So, I could only use one at a time. To make them normal again, take them both and see if red and blue light are flashing. If lights are flashing, double tap on the left earbud’s touch are. Then pair again with your phone to use normally.

Fully charged buds last for up to 7 hours depending on your usage. As soon as you put these buds in the case, the case will start charging the buds. The case shows the charge level of each bud separately. Charging case packs 3000 mAh battery that claims to charge these buds for up to 15 times. In my testing, I could charge the buds up to 10 times after exhausting the full battery of buds each time. So, the battery backup with the case turns out to be up to 70 hours. Isn’t that amazing? Even if you listen to music for 5 hours a day, it will last for 2 weeks.

This case can also be used as a power bank. So, you can also use it to charge your phone in case of an emergency. When most of the phones now offer battery capacity of more than 3500 mAh, you can only charge a phone up to 60%, but that is also a good help.

Final Buds

Now when there are lots of cheaper buds in the market, Ravtek E1 stands out with its good sound and excellent battery backup. It looks really good, especially the red and blue ring design. In this segment, most of the earbuds either give good battery or offer good music, but Ravtek E1 has both. Battery backup is amazing, the case can also act as a power bank and music experience is really good.

If you are looking for a good pair of earbuds without any compromise, you should go with Ravtek E1.

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Ravtek E1

8.7 Score

"Ravtek E1 is a good pair of buds offering nice music and excellent battery backup"

The Good

  • Solid and good design
  • Excellent Music
  • Excellent battery
  • IPX7 Rating

The Bad


  • Design 80%
  • Sound 80%
  • Battery 85%
  • Value for money 90%