Evofox Nebula RGB Review

Evofox Nebula RGB Review
Evofox Nebula RGB Review


A headset is an important gaming gear that helps gamers react in a better way during gaming. Noticing footsteps, reload sound and even gun’s scope sound gives a competitive advantage. This is the reason, a good headset with stereo sound is recommended. Recently, I came across a budget gaming headset EvoFox Nebula RGB by Amkette. EvoFox Nebula RGB promising a good audio experience, RGB lighting to match your gaming setup, and a comfortable design. I recently tested the EvoFox Nebula RGB gaming headset. Based on my experience, here is the EvoFox Nebula RGB review.

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When you are looking to buy a gaming headset, the design of the headset is as important as the sound. Even if the headset sounds good, an uncomfortable design will force you to ditch it quickly. Gaming sessions usually last more than an hour. An uncomfortable headset will result in sweaty ears, neck pain, or a dull ache at the top of your head. So, let’s talk about the design first.

The design of the Evofox Nebula RGB gaming headset is good. The headset has a plastic build but feels good. It has a flexible and comfortable design. So, you can keep using it for hours without any discomfort. It doesn’t push your ears or feels heavy on the head. The headband is adjustable, so it fits most people easily. Ear cups are large enough to properly cover your ears. Ear cups have protein leather ear cushions for comfort. Both the ear cups have RGB Lighting. There is no way to customize the RGB lighting. There’s a single RGB effect and it stays forever.

The left earcup also has an adjustable microphone. The microphone also features a Red LED light. There’s also a volume slider on the backside of the left earcup. It is easy to reach to change the volume.

There’s a 2-meter long cable connected to the left ear cup. This photon cable ensures max durability. The end of the cable splits into a single 3.5mm jack and a USB interface for the power supply. If you don’t connect the USB interface, to the system, RGB lighting won’t work but the earphone keeps working. So, you can also use it with your smartphone where you can only plug the 3.5 mm jack

The headset has 50 mm dual drivers delivering the good sound needed for gaming. I used this headset for a week to play different games including Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The headset offers a good stereo performance. It offers accurate bass, mid, and high range in the output. This headset is tuned for gaming where gamers need clarity. So, it may not impress you if you try listening to music tracks. The max volume is a bit low as compared to other gaming headsets including the one I use. That’s not an issue until you prefer too loud sound while gaming.

It covers your ear properly, so offers decent isolation from the noise around you. So, you can keep your focus on the game.

Evofox Nebula RGB Review

Evofox Nebula RGB Review

Communication with teammates is really important in gaming. So, it is really important to talk about the microphone. Microphone works well and captures good audio. None of my teammates reported excessive noise even if the fan in my room makes a loud noise. The microphone is also flexible and adjustable. So, you can change the distance of the microphone from your mouth as per your convenience.

Wraup Up

Evofox Nebula RGB gaming headphone isn’t much costly. Considering the price, this headset offers decent performance. If you do not want to spend much but want a good gaming headset with RGB lighting, Evofox Nebula RGB can be a good option. The headset is light in weight, comfortable enough to use for hours, offers good audio performance, and the mic works well. Overall, a good budget gaming headset.

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Evofox Nebula RGB Review

8 Score

"Evofox Nebula RGB is a decent budget gaming headset that is comfortable, sounds good and has a good microphone. "

The Good

  • Comfortable
  • Supports multiple gaming platforms
  • Sounds good
  • Good microphone

The Bad

  • Only Single RGB Lighting Effect


  • Design and Build 70%
  • Comfort 80%
  • Sound 75%
  • Microphone 75%
  • Value for money 80%