Google releases native version of Chrome for Arm-based Windows PCs


Google has released an optimized version of Chrome browser for Arm-based Windows PCs. Google and Qualcomm announced this in a joint statement and confirmed that the new version is coming this week. It will be available on Windows 11 PCs powered by Snapdragon processors.

Previously, Chrome used to run in an emulated state in Arm-based Windows PCs. So, performance is slower. Now with the native version, it promises better performance. Qualcomm and Google have worked together to tune the performance of Chrome on Arm processors.

“We’ve designed Chrome browser to be fast, secure, and easy to use across desktops and mobile devices,” said Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer. “Our close collaboration with Qualcomm will help ensure that Chrome users get the best possible experience while browsing the web on current Arm-compatible PCs.”

This announcement has come ahead of the official launch of the Snapdragon X Elite which should arrive this summer. Snapdragon X Elite has 12 Oryon cores and promises double the performance as compared to Intel’s 13th-gen Core i7-1360P while using lesser power. Snapdragon X Elite is a 4nm SoC with clock speeds ranging from 3.8GHz to 4.3GHz.

Google confirmed that its Chrome will run on any Arm-based Windows PC. However, Qualcomm is the only company making Arm-based processors for Windows PCs.

Google previously released an Arm-optimized version of Chrome browser for Apple’s Arm-based Macs. The company also supported Arm-based processors for Chromebooks. Now it is finally offering Chrome for Arm-based Windows PCs.

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