Twitter puts a limit on the number of tweets you can see in a day


Twitter has put a ‘temporary’ limit on the number of tweets users can see on Twitter in a day. Elon Musk announced the change via a Tweet and he also blamed data scraping for this decision.

Initially, he announced 6000 posts per day limit for verified accounts, 600 posts per day for unverified accounts, and 300 tweets per day for new unverified accounts. But two hours after this tweet, he posted another tweet confirming increased limits.

Verified accounts can see 8000 posts a day, unverified accounts can see 800 tweets a day, and unverified accounts can see 400 tweets a day.

But, he didn’t stop. The limits were further increased to 10000, 1000, and 500 for verified accounts, unverified accounts, and new unverified accounts.

Twitter also recently blocked access to Tweet to people who are not logged in to their accounts. Musk claims that hundreds of organizations were scraping Twitter data extremely aggressively. It was affecting user experience, so the company decided to put these limits to block scraping.

The micro-blogging platform already has daily limits on Direct messages, Tweets, and following. You can only send 500 messages per day, 2,400 tweets per day, and follow 400 people per day.

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