facebook partners with Websense for user account security

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Facebook has changes a lot of things in users profile and launched many new features but facebook is still worry about users security. Facebook had tried a lot of ways to reduce spams but all its way failed. All new features will also brings new threats to user profile. 
Now facebook has announced that it has partnered with online security firm Websense to help keep Facebook users safe from unsavory links.
After the deal, when you will click on a link on facebook, the new security system will check the link against known threats from websense database. If the link is safe you will be redirected to the website. But if link is not safe you will see the new warning about the threat. You will also have the option of ignoring the warning and continuing on to the link’s destination.
This is the latest deal of facebook to fight against threats. Websense also offers a Facebook app called Defensio, which can be configured to limit the types of links that can be posted to a user’s wall.


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