Google Play Store bans 29 malicious Android applications

Apps Play Store
Apps Play Store


Google has banned 29 applications from Play Store for being involved in message SPAM and showing malicious ads on devices. Most of these apps claim to be photo editors and have the word “blur” in the name. Some of these apps will disappear from the phone after installation.

These apps were identified by The White Ops Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team.

Removing these apps from the Play Store will only prevent new users from installing them. If you already have any of these apps on your phone, you will have to manually uninstall the apps. Some of these apps have over 3.5 million downloads. So, you can assume how many users have already been infected.

Here is the list of apps banned by Google in the current update.

  1. Auto Picture Cut
  2. Color Call Flash
  3. Square Photo Blur v2.0.5
  4. Square Photo Blur v7.0
  5. Magic Call Flash
  6. Easy Blur
  7. Image Blur
  8. Auto Photo Blur
  9. Photo Blur
  10. Photo Blur Master
  11. Super Call Screen
  12. Square Blur Master
  13. The Square Blur
  14. Square Blur Photo
  15. Smart Photo Blur
  16. Super Call Flash
  17. Smart Call Flash
  18. Blur Photo Editor
  19. Blur Image
  20. Super Blur
  21. Square Image Blur
  22. Super Blur Photo
  23. Super Photo Blur
  24. Photo Blur Editor
  25. Pro Blur Photo
  26. Auto Photo Cut
  27. Smart Call Screen

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