1.3 million Credit & Debit Card details of Indian Customers are up for sale on Dark web

security breach
security breach

In shocking news, it was revealed that nearly 1.3 million credit and debit card data of 1.3 million Indian customers is up for sale on the Dark web. Anyone can buy it for $130 million.

A researcher for cybersecurity form Group-IBA found this listing and reported it as one of the biggest card dumps in recent years. Card details are available on Joker’s Stash, one of the oldest card data shots on the dark web.

1.3 million India card data
Source: ZDNet

This dump includes Track 2 data usually found on the payment card’s magnetic stripe. So, it could be stolen via skimming devices installed at ATMs or any PoS. Cybercriminals who buy this data can use the information to make a clone of legitimate cards and withdraw money from ATMs. Uploaded card data are from multiple banks.

Basically the data is being sold for $100 each. So, 1.3 million card data will cost $130 million. So, one does not need to purchase the whole data and can also purchase partial data and use it to clone cards.

This Indian card dump is the third major card dump this year. It is worth to note that card details for 2.15 million Americans were also put for sale on Joker’s Stash back in February this year. Nearly 5.3 million card details obtained from Hy-Vee customers were also up for sale in September. Joker’s Stash has become one of the primary places to sell stolen credit cards.

When the Indian government is trying to boost digital India and usage of digital payments, it must create a safe and secure infrastructure and teach customers how to keep their card and payment details safe. We have seen so many videos showing cloning machines installed at different ATM machines. Most of the ATM machines have security guards but they fail to stop this kind of malicious activities.



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