This massive data breach is being called “Mother of All breaches”

data breach

Security researchers have discovered a massive data breach. It’s so big that researchers are calling it “Mother of all breaches.” The data dump is 12 terabytes in size and includes 26 billion records.

This data breach seems the compilation of all other breaches and privately sold databases. It also holds some of the new data that has not been sold in the past. The data contains over 3,800 and each folder corresponds to a separate data breach. The data includes records from Tencent, Weibo, MySpace, Twitter, Wattled, NetEase, LinkedIn, AdultFriendFinder, Zynga, and more.

Threat actors can use this data to perform a wide range of attacks including pushing, social engineering, and identity theft. We still don’t know who compiled this data, but he might be a suspicious person.

Data breaches are now very common even if companies spend a lot in making their infrastructure safe. So, you should also follow some regular steps to make sure you are safe from these data breaches. Make it a habit to change passwords for all your online accounts regularly. Use strong, unique passwords for each account. If you find it hard to remember passwords, you can use a good password manager.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication. You should also review security settings and make sure you have added recovery options. Recovery options help you get back your account after a hack.

If you find that your records have been leaked in a data breach, you should be careful. Scammers might target you by using several social engineering tricks. Be cautious of phishing emails and messages. Regularly check your bank statements, credit card statements, and other financial accounts for any suspicious activity. If the breach involved sensitive information, you may also consult a cybersecurity professional for advice on further protective measures.

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