Google to shutdown Inbox app in March 2019

Google Inbox

Google has finally decided to shutdown the Inbox app. The app will not be available after March 2019. If you are still using Inbox, you can switch to Gmail.

Google launched Inbox around four years ago with a different approach. It brought several notable features to improve the email experience. Inbox comes with several interesting features including Smart Replies and Unified Inbox

This year in April, Google released a major redesigned of Gmail that brings nearly all features of Inbox. That step hinted that Google is done with Inbox. Inbox users will get most of the features in new Gmail, but they will still miss the Inbox for sure.

There are still few features that have not arrived to Gmail yet. One of those features is “bundles” that group similar emails together. Google confirmed that those features will come to Gmail soon, but didn’t confirm the timeline for it.

Google also wants to focus on a single App for email. Inbox team will now work with Gmail team to bring more innovative features that they were thinking to add in Inbox.

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