Now you can snooze a profile, page or group for 30 days to mute updates

Snooze post Facebook
Snooze post Facebook

Facebook today announced a new snooze button to unfollow updates of a profile, page or group for 30 days. After using this button, you will not see any updates from that profile, page or group for next 30 days.

This feature was first spotted by TechCrunch back in September when the company was testing this with selected users. Now the company is ready to bring this feature to all.

If you do not want to unfollow or block updates from the person permanently, you can use mute update option. Other people, page or group will not be notified if you mute. When the mute period is about to end, you will be notified. In case you want, you can extend the time frame again or let it end.

The option is not yet available to all. Facebook is rolling out this gradually and will be available soon. If you do not see this now, wait for few more days.

Pages or Groups will surely get the advantage after the rollout of this feature. People may use snooze in place of unfollowing or leaving the group completely.



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