This new tech can wirelessly charge your phone from up to 3 feet away

WattUp Mid Field transmitter

We have few smartphones and smartwatches with support to wireless charging. But it needs a physical contact with wireless charging pad to charging the device. So, it is not a true wireless charging but removes a step of plugging charging cable to phone. But this is going to change soon.

FCC has just approved a product that delivers the next generation wireless charging. This product is WattUp Mid Field transmitter developed by San Jose startup Energous. It is a power-at-a-distance wireless system that can charge a device from up to 3 feet away. It also works with multiple wireless devices simultaneously. So, you can think it as wireless charging network.

The WattUp Mid Field transmitter converts electricity into radio frequencies and then beams the energy to nearby devices outfitted with a corresponding receiver. The company showcases multiple designs of the product. It can be designed into the bezel of your monitor, into a sound bar, desktop speaker or other similar devices. There will also be a software control to authorize or prioritize charging.

There is also a better version of WattUp Far Field transmitter that would work at up to 15 feet. This product has not yet received FCC approval.

The company has not made any claims on charging speed. SO, we need to wait to know how long it will take to charge and how efficient this charging system would be. The company has no retail-ready device available for now, but they will surely show off this new technology at CES 2018.

This product overcomes a major limitation of wireless technology, but there are still many questions to be answered. We are expecting to get answers next month at CES 2018.


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