Google’s New Android App ‘Datally’ Helps in Saving Mobile Data

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Google has introduced a new mobile app to manage the data usage of your Android phone. This mobile app is called Datally and helps you in understanding your data usage and optimise it to save your mobile data.

Datally shows what apps are using most of your data and data usage pattern. It will also give you the recommendation to cut down the data usage based on your activity and suggest you to available Wifi network if you are near to any.

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It can also stop all background data usage in one click. So, only the active app can use the mobile data. If you do not want to block background data usage of app apps, you also have the option to control the data usage of an individual app as well.

The app aims those people who use limited data plan and do not want extra data burden. After the Jio revolution in India, most of the people have enough data to spend. Still, this app makes sense for many who do not want to waste data for useless notifications.

Google began testing of Datally last summer in Philippines and saw good results. The app has already hit over 500000 users and helped users in saving 30 percent of their data.

The app is now available in Play Store. It is compatible with all Android phones running Android 5.0 or higher.


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