Hackers Are Now Openly Selling Instagram Details of Celebs via Searchable Database



Earlier today, I found an interesting thread on a Bitcoin forum. One of the members announced the launch of an Instagram lookup service. The person claimed that the service pulls information from any Instagram account.

Even if he claimed ANY Instagram account, he separately noted: “You can get celebrities private information that no one else can get with our service guaranteed!”

This came after Instagram confirmed that its API bug allowed hackers to access personal information of popular Instagram accounts. So, I assume that the service has linked to the API bug and these are the people who obtained information of celebrity accounts.

The service is also not costing much. You will be charged just $10 per lookup. The website is accepting payments in Bitcoin only,

I tried using this service to see if it really works. Sign up worked and I was on the dashboard to search and buy details pulled from the Instagram account.

I tried searching for several accounts, but it was actually pulling information from ANY Instagram account as it claimed. But it was working with any celeb Instagram account. As I didn’t pay, I couldn’t see the information. But it was showing if the details are available for any specific account.

Instagram hack search

I also searched for details of Prime minister of India and it has email and phone both listed. If you want, you can get this information for just $10.

I am not sure if these accounts added their phone number or not. As I didn’t pay, I had no other way to verify if they are selling valid data or not. Later, I started searching for this website to get more information and found an article on ThedailyBeast. It seems they were contacted by the hackers and hackers also gave them sample details to verify. As per the report, the information was genuine.

Instagram has nothing to comment and they are just telling us what they said yesterday. it was, “They have already notified people about API bug.”

Hackers are only selling email and phone numbers. This information can be used to send phishing emails or malware. Marketing companies can also use this information.