USB 3.2 Promises “Double Speed” With Same Cable

USB 3.2
USB 3.2

The USB 3.0 Promoter Group announced an incremental update USB 3.2. It brings major advantages including double data transfer speed with same Type-C cables available in the market.

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The USB Type-C cables were designed to support multi-lane operation but older standards couldn’t take full advantage of it. USB 3.2 is designed as multi-lane solutions to offer two different approaches: either two lanes of 5 Gbps or two lanes of 10 Gbps.

So, the USB Type-C cable certified for 10Gbps will offer the transfer speed of 2GB per second (around 16Gbps) if the data transfer is in between a USB 3.2 host and USB 3.2 storage device.

Just like the previous generations, USB 3.2 interface will be backward compatible.

The USB 3.0 Promoter Group has put the final draft of the specification for review. It will be released at USB Developer Days 2017 event in September this year.

The only thing one need to take care is the cable. If the correct table is being used, it will offer the promised data transfer speed.



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