Vivo shows off an under-display fingerprint scanner based on Qualcomm’s tech

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For past few months, there were rumors about the possible under-display fingerprint scanner by Apple and Samsung. But, no one expected this tech to come from China.

Vivo showcased a prototype smartphone using the Qualcomm’s under display fingerprint scanner announced today. This prototype was existing Xplay6 with Qualcomm’s under-display fingerprint scanner. So, do not expect any new phone from Vivo with tech soon.

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In the demo device, there was a marked area to touch for fingerprint scanning. It was just above the old fingerprint button. Once you touch the right place, and it will unlock. As reported by Engadget, this area was also small. So, you will have to look at the display to touch at a proper place.

It was also not as fast as a regular fingerprint scanner, but the tech is working fine and we can expect improvements in coming months.

The company also explained that the whole screen can be used to detect the fingerprints, but it will increase production cost.

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The company couldn’t confirm the timeline for a consumer device with this tech. But we already know that the OEMs will get this tech in Q4 of this year. So, devices will come next year.



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