Qualcomm’s next-gen fingerprint sensor can scan through display, works underwater

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At MWC Shanghai, Qualcomm announced its latest ultrasonic fingerprint solution dubbed as  Sense ID. It offers sensors for Display, Glass and Metal. The sensor can also detect directional gestures. It will also work underwater.

With sensors for display, it has now opened the doors for phones with under-display fingerprint scanners. This ultrasonic-based sensor can also detect the heart beat and blood flow for better authentication.

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The all new sensor is capable of scanning through OLED display stacks of up to 1200um. It can scan through up to 800 µm of the cover glass and up to 650 µm of aluminum. So, it offers improved detection from last years Sense ID.

It can be integrated even with non-Snapdragon Platforms. So, we can expect the adoption of this sensor. The company has confirmed that this will also be compatible with all future Snapdragon Mobile Platforms and non-Snapdragon platforms.

The best thing is that sensors for Glass and Metal are compatible with Snapdragon 660 and 630 Mobile Platforms. So, we can expect mid-range phones with a under-display fingerprint scanner.

Sensors for Glass and Metal are expected to be available to OEMs this month. So, we can expect commercial devices in first half of 2018. The sensor for Display will be available for OEMs in the fourth quarter of 2017. So, we can expect devices in second half of next year.



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