Google Assistant for iOS is coming soon

Google Assistant
Google Assistant

Google is planning to expand the reach of its Google Assistant to another operating system. As per a new report published by Android Police, Google is working to bring Google Assistant to Apple’s iOS platform.

Google Assistant for iOS could become official at 2017 Google I/O developer conference. While we do not have many details, the report stated that Google Assistant for iOS will come with voice command features and chat features that were found on Google Allo version of Google Assistant.

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Google Assistant became official in October 2016 with Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones. Later it also came with Google Home connected the speaker and more devices. It was also confirmed that Google Assistant will come to Android TV soon. Now the company is working to bring it to iOS.

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In iOS, Google Assistant will have to compete with native digital assistant Siri. Microsoft also brought Cortana for iOS but couldn’t get much success. Google has an advantage here. It has a large number of developers working with Assistant’s SDK. Bringing Assistant to iOS will encourage more developers to integrate Assistant with their app’s functionality.

This is still a rumor and we will have to wait until Google I/O to know if this is happening. Stay tuned for more awesome tech stories.

Source: Android Police