Everything you need to know about Samsung Galaxy X – the Foldable Smartphone.

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Samsung has been the harbinger of foldable and curved displays and seems it will continue to do so. The long rumored foldable smartphone by Samsung, dubbed as the Galaxy X is reported to be close to fruition. Several pieces of information regarding this much awaited project have been leaked over the past few years.

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Samsung gave us a showcase of this project back in 2014 and gave an insight on their concept. This foldable device opens up like a book rather than open up like a flip phone; thus transforming your regular smartphone into a 7 inch tablet. It has already been reported that company will begin production of prototype soon and it was widely rumored that the device will revealed in Q3 of this year, probably at the IFA Technology Trade Show at Berlin in September. It is important to note that Samsung has already unveiled a rollable OLED display prototype at SID 2016.

However, there are few reports which state that several complications such as Durability and Practicality of the foldable device might delay the launch of this device to next year. The insiders from Samsung Electronics revealed that the tech giant had been working on foldable displays since 2005 and there yet few challenges to overcome. It appears that there needs to be more trials and tests done before the commercialization of the Galaxy X. Samsung would probably prefer to take its time and overcome all the issues, especially after the Note 7 fiasco.

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It is unclear when this device may debut, but considering the fact that even LG filed a patent for the foldable smartphone, it is evident that the future of foldable smartphones is on the horizon.


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