Nokia looking towards Foldable Smartphones

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Nokia took the world by storm when it announced the launch of Nokia 6 and before things could go back to normal, it has been reported that Nokia has been granted the patent for ‘Foldable Device’ by the US Patent and Trademark office. Apparently, the patent had been filed in 2013 but has been granted and made public in September 2016. It has also been revealed that Nokia had been filing patents for simpler versions of the ‘foldable technology’ since 2005.

Image Source: Pocket-lint

The patent images show a device which is very similar to a foldable pocket mirror. The device has two parts with a hinge connecting them in the middle and a single display screen running along them, the screen would bend when the device is closed. The patent describes it as a pocket-size device with a relatively large display. Think of it as a laptop, but smaller and screen covering the entire surface. Nokia has always been brave enough to experiment with its ideas and has achieved success in doing so.

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Yes, it’s just a patent and patents doesn’t always revolutionize the industry. However, it’s important to note that previously Nokia patented a flexible battery; a battery that would twist and bend into a roll.

Image Source: DailyMail

Put these two patents next to each other alongside the rumors of Samsung and LG planning for a foldable device, we can’t help but get excited!

source: USPTO


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