Android O Developer Preview is Finally Here



While most of the Android users are still waiting to get Android Nougat update, Google has released the developer preview of Android O. This is the first release, so there are not more details about it, but there are still few things to talk about.

Google has confirmed that there are plenty of stabilization and performance work pending and there will be updates to add more features and improve the software. Google will also talk about Android O features in detail at Google I/O.

Android O got picture-in-picture in mode. So, you can watch videos while using other apps. Google has also tried to improve the background apps management to ensure better battery life.

Android O also introduces notification channels. These channels are app-defined categories for notification content.Users will be able to block or change behavior of each channel.

Users can also snooze notifications to reappear at a later time. The notification will reappear with same level of importance. Developers will also be able to add background color of notification.

Android O

Android O finally supports high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs such as LDAC codec. Android O also makes it easier to fill forms by introducing the Autofill Framework.

Network Aware Networking, Wi-Fi Aware, has been added that will allow Android devices to communicate directly with each other over Wi-Fi without needing any Internet connection.

Android O also brings adaptive icons that can change shapes depending on the device and will also support animations.

There are several other things. If you want to know about all the changes. you can read here.

Developers will be able to test Android O in the desktop emulator or on Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C devices. You can manually download and flash your device. If you can also sign up as the developer to get OTA update.