Apple’s iPhone 8 reported to have a Curved Screen & USB-C

iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7 Plus

All eyes are on Apple this year as it celebrates its 10th anniversary. It might celebrate its decade of success by launching a special variant of the iPhone. According to the report by Wall Street Journal, there will be a premium version of the iPhone and will flaunt a Curved Screen.

The report states that at least one model in the iPhone coming out this year will sport a curved OLED screen. It is interesting that the supplier of the curved OLED screens for iPhone’s 10th Anniversary model will be its rivals, Samsung. The report states that Apple has been studying curved OLED screens for a while now and has asked for prototypes last year.

It is also reported that Apple could ditch its Lightning Cable for a USB Type-C. Not just one, but all the upcoming models is said to drop the proprietary lighting cable.This comes as a surprise as this will be the first time Apple will use an industry standard which is also used by Android phones. However, it is possible that Apple might replace the USB Type-A Port on the Power Adapter with USB-C and not on the device itself.

It is also rumored that the new iPhone’s will mark an end to the Physical Home Button and will be replaced with a ‘Function Area’ beneath the display. We aren’t sure where Apple might place the fingerprint scanner.

The Anniversary model iPhone is said to cost around $1,00 and will be marketed as a premium model. Alongside this would be the two regular models, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Since there is no official announcement or any confirmation of this information from Apple yet, we have got to wait until September when the devices will be launched.


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