Finally, Apple is considering dual SIM iPhone

iphone 7
iphone 7

Dual SIM phones are most common but Apple is still offering iPhone with single SIM connectivity option. While Dual SIM phones have not considerable demand in the US, consumers in India and China like countries give importance to dual SIM phones. This is the reason iPhone users in India and China have to carry another phone for using the other number.

After getting too many requests from Apple fans, it seems Apple has finally started thinking about iPhone with dual SIM card option seriously.

This news was confirmed by recent patents filed by Apple in different countries. Document filed with China’s State Intellectual Property Office confirmed iPhone with two phone numbers. The patent application was filed by Apple’s principal architect for cellular software at Apple.

Apple was also awarded the patent for dual SIM iPhone in the US earlier this week. The patent application describes a system for controlling access to multiple antennas in mobile devices having multiple SIMs.

If we consider a dual SIM iPhone in the current scenario, I see Apple in trouble. It is because Apple ties up closely with Carriers in many countries including U.S., South Korean, Japan, Australia and Western Europe for selling iPhones. With dual SIM iPhone, locking the phone for a specific carrier will not be easy for Apple.

Additionally, the dual SIM iPhone will also add some bulk to the hardware. It can affect the design of the Phone. If dual SIM iPhone is real, we can see notable changes the design of upcoming iPhone. We already have the rumors for bezel-less display in new iPhone.

Apple cannot ignore countries like India, China, and other emerging markets. These markets are large and can give Apple’s revenue a huge push. If we see the recent quarter, iPhone sales declined 30% year-over-year in China. So, Apple needs to find ways to hit deeper in these market. Any barrier can hurt the sales because people already have multiple options.

It is also worth to note that e receiving a patent does not necessarily mean that the company will use it for an actual product. In past, Apple was awarded many patents that we are still waiting to see in as consumer product.

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