Mozilla Announces New Browser Engine for FireFox Called ‘Quantum’

Quantum for Mozilla
Quantum for Mozilla

Mozilla is now working on new browser engine called Quantum. Now the browser engine is ready to replace the Firefox’s current engine Gecko.

Quantum is the part of Servo project, a browser engine that Mozilla is working for past few years. The company shipped the first alpha version this year in June.

Web engine is the core of the browser that runs the content you receive while browsing the web. Quantum uses multi-processing to process all requests parallel to give better performance.

This new engine will power a fast and smooth user experience on both desktop and mobile operating systems.

Mozilla will slowly merge Gecko and Servo components with each release and in coming months, the transition from the current browser engine to Quantum will be completed. Mozilla hopes to finish the transition to Quantum by the end of 2017.

Mozilla is doing a right job by replacing the current browser engine. Gecko was developed when the system ran on single-core CPUs. Now,w e have multi-core architectures and powerful GPU cards. So, there was the need of better browser engine for enhanced performance.

Servo is written in Rust, a programming language Mozilla promotes. Quantum also heavily relies on Rust for its codebase. After this change, Firefox will also become more secure and will offer better performance.

As of now, Mozilla has confirmed that the new engine will ship on Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. For iOS, they are not yet ready but hope to bring it soon.