Google Duo Video Calling App Launched For Everyone

Google Duo
Google Duo

Do you remember the video calling app Duo Google announced at its I/O? Finally, this app is available for all users. Google has officially launched Google Duo one to one video calling app for iOS and Android.

Duo can be seen as the direct competitor of Apple FaceTime or Facebook Messenger. It aims to offer quick and better video calling experience. While Google already had video calling option in Hangouts, Google went ahead with a new app and built this video calling app from scratch.

To start using Duo, you need a phone number and register the app using your phone number only. So, there is no need to have an account. Yes, you do not even need to have a Google account for this.

Duo is smart and uses your bandwidth smartly. It will reduce the resolution of call in case you are on the slow connection. Duo will also switch between your cellular data and Wi-Fi smartly without dropping your call. It is worth to note that Duo calls are end-to-end encrypted.

There is an interesting feature in Duo called ‘Knock Knock’. It lets you see live video of your caller before you answer the call. So, you can sense of what they are up to or why he is calling. I am sure you will not wish to receive a late night call from your drunk friend.

Knock Knock

If you already use Hangouts for video call, you may not be sure why to use Duo. Try Duo and let us know your experience.

Download Google Duo – Android | iPhone and iPad