Reliance Jio To Reportedly Launch Services Commercially in August With Free Voice Calls and 4G Data Offers

Reliance Jio
Reliance Jio

Even if Reliance Jio is only in trials, it has already become very popular due to its unlimited 4G data offers. It has been also called as world’s biggest startup with an investment of Rs. 1,50,000 crore. People across the country are trying 4G services on LYF smartphones and enjoying its high-speed internet.

Now, reports suggest that Reliance Jio is ready for its commercial launch and will be coming as early as next month. While initial reports claimed that company will be launching the service in December 2016, it seems they are ready to bring it after seeing the huge demand for its 4G service. It is worth to note that company already has 7 Lakh subscribers making it 6th largest telecom operator of the country.

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Reliance Jio will launch its service with free voice and data offer. It will be offering free voice calls to all subscribers who buy data packs. As per initial reports, it has planned to offer 1 GB data @ Rs. 80.

Now this is the biggest surprise. While most of the other telecom operators are charging Rs. 100-120 for 1GB data, Reliance users will get 10 GB for just Rs. 80

If all these offers become the reality in future, it will surely hit major telecom operators. While most of the telecom operators earn from voice calls, Reliance has planned to give it for free to all subscribers who are buying data packs. HSBC already predicted it to have the market share of 15% by next 4 year. But it can achieve this market share before the predicted time.

We are also excited to see the commercial launch of Jio in India and you should too. It will surely increase market competition which will result in low-cost data packs in the country. We also recommend you to buy the 4G phone with VoLTE if you are planning to buy a new smartphone.


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