One of the most popular PC games of all time, Counter-Strike 1.6 comes to Android

Counter-Strike 1.6 comes to Android
Counter-Strike 1.6 comes to Android


While world is moving towards smartphones from desktops, gaming companies have started focusing on games for smartphones. Most of the popular games are now available for mobile devices along with desktop. While there are many games still not available on mobile devices, unofficial sources are available to enjoy on mobile devices.  In the same sequence, mobile developer Alibek Omarev has rewritten the client for the most popular PC game Counter-Strike 1.6 to run on Android devices. 

It is worth to mention that It is not a recreation and is not a stream, but the full game itself running smoothly on a mobile device.

Yes, now you can play this game on your Android phone or tablet with almost same graphics and similar gaming experience. The experience is flawless and best thing is that he completed this entire project on his own.

He also added touch controls which clutter the screen but you can customize it as per your needs. You can also add peripherals to your Android device if you need better gaming experience and more accuracy. It makes it easier to play games with keyboards and gamepads connected to your device.

You do not need to do lot more effort to run this game on your Android deice. You just need to download and install the APK of game hosted on Github. Then, follow the installation steps mentioned.


1) Install the APK. Install APK with omp postfix if you have multi-core device and noomp if you have single-core device or have problems with omp version.

2) Install the latest Xash3D Android from

3) Copy cstrike and valve folders from your Steam CS1.6 installation to xash folder on SDCard.

4) Run CS16Client!


Watch this video to see how it works on Android devices: