Technology at its best in IIT Delhi’s Open House 2016; upto 500 projects on display

IIT Delhi Open House
IIT Delhi Open House

The Institute of Technology, Delhi organised 12th Open House on 23rd of April 2016. More than 500 projects and 80 demo projects were on display. It was open for all and over 4000 school children and visitors came to encourage the enthusiasm of students.

Every single project from devices to apps are really innovative. The main idea behind this open house is to inspire and motivate everyone towards science and technology, especially the young ones.

AssisTech with the collaboration of phoenix Medical System, Chennai, and Saksham trust designed Smartcane, OnBoard, Tractile Diagrams and  Refreshable Braille Display for helping blind people. As my conversation with one of the volunteers named Kunal,  he told me that this Smartcane works on Ultrasonic sensor, which senses the obstacle and informs the person with vibration. Smartcane is now in the market for Rs.3500.

Tanmay Bunker, A student of Engineering Physics, displayed the project “Yaksha”. Yaksha is a drone which works with GPS system and flies up to 4000 feets depending upon the density of air. Till now Tanmay and his group designed 12 drones and now they are working on the underwater drone.

3D printer and Holography by prof. Joby Joeseph is also one of the good projects which were on display. Some computer science projects like Campus traffic monitoring, e-sabzi and Context Aware Image recognition for visually-Impaired using smartphone were also the eye-catching projects in Open house.

Another one was Smart Campus Programme which is based on reducing waste of time and resources in Campus. This project works on smart cards, given to all campus residents, including guards. This is for the availing cashless facility like normal bulbs will be replaced by LED lights, this will  save energy and also the exchange of information will be easier.

One of the most attractive projects was Underwater Glider by Naval Construction Wing (NCW), Department of Applied Mechanics. This project started in 2012 under the guidance of Cdr R Vijayakumar (Retd), presently faculty at Ocean engineering department, IIT Madras and now collaborated with Indian Navy for military applications.

“The idea of IIT Open House is to identify projects where a new product or technology is created with high societal impact. We are going to connect with agricultural and healthcare institutions and would like to work on multi-disciplinary projects offering societal benefits,” V Ramgopal Rao, Director of IIT, Delhi said in the media conference at 19th of April.


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