Oppo’s new battery technology can charge your phone in just 15 minutes

Oppo's new Super VOOC battery technology
Oppo's new Super VOOC battery technology

Today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Oppo showed its new mobile battery technology. The Company demonstrated the prototype device with 2500 mAh battery that could be charged in just 15 minutes. This technology will power future smartphones.

Oppo calls it ‘SuperVOOC technology’. It charges from 5 percent to 58 percent in just 5 minutes. It works with both microUSB and USB Type-C ports. This tech requires a Super VOOC Flash charger plug, a new cable and a connector made with high-quality military-grade materials. It delivers power at 5V but adds no additional heat issue. It should also not have a negative impact on the battery of the phone.

“The VOOC charging voltage is in line with the standard smartphone charging voltage of 5V. This means that the power can be directly transmitted to the battery without any voltage conversion, allowing the process to attain a charging efficiency of up to 97%. High-voltage fast charging, however, requires conversion to a lower voltage to supply power to the battery. This means a loss of energy and a lowered charging efficiency of about 85%,” the company explains in a press statement.

Oppo also claims that this tech is better than rival quick charging technology offered by Qualcomm and MediaTek. Main reason is that it operates on lower voltage and does not overheat the device.

Oppo also confirmed that Super VOOC will also power upcoming Oppo smartphones. Let us wait for the upcoming Oppo smartphones to see how this tech works in real environment.