Google partners with Levi’s to create smart clothes to control your smartphone

Project Jacquard
Project Jacquard

At Google’s developer conference Google I/O, Google showed off Project Jacquard. This project is by Google’s Advanced Technology And Projects (ATAP) unit. Company has developed a connected fabric technology with textile makers in Japan. So, the clothes using this technology will work as a interactive surfaces.

Levi’s has already confirmed to use this technology to bring smart clothes. Levi’s will bring designer clothes that will look good and match with latest fashion. Google will take care of the technology and its operations.

Company also demonstrated how you can use gestures over patch of yarn woven into fabric to perform action in your gadgets.

Project Jacquard

Right now, this is in very early stage. So, company didn’t announce any upcoming project.

Google is not the only company which is working to make your clothes smarter. We have already seen Tommy Hilfiger Jackets which can charge your phone and few other. But Google has got success in developing a fabric which can generalize the things and will help other startups use this technology to bring more useful products related to smart clothings.

Source: QZ


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