Use Google Calendar To Track Schedules And Events

Use Google Calendar To Track Schedules And Events
Use Google Calendar To Track Schedules And Events


Using a calendar which does not update you regarding upcoming events and important schedules is of no use. There are many calendar apps and extensions which would help you to remind you of any event you saved. It may be regarding attending a meeting, need to go to a marriage, etc. But, those calendars will not help you in letting you know about new movie releases, Finance Events, Schedules of Popular TV Shows, Concert Dates, etc. So, from now on these things can be done using Google Calendar with the help of a Google Chrome extension called “Up To”.

How To Track Important Schedules And Events Using Google Calendar?

Google Calendar helps you to track important schedules and events using an extension called “Up To”. Just after opening the Google Calendar, you can see all the latest events and you can look for more upcoming events by searching for a particular event or place.

Use Google Calendar To Track Schedules And Events

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  1. Download Up To Google Chrome Extension and install it.
  2. It will automatically include all it’s features to your Google Chrome after completing the installation.
  3. Log in to your Google Calendar.
  4. After logging in, on the right hand side, you will be shown some options like Upcoming and Discover. Tap on the “Discover” tab.

Upcoming Events

     5.  Various numbers of events like Music Releases, Movie Releases, TV Premiers, Lunar Calendar, Horoscope, This Day in History, etc are shown under this Discover tab.

    6. You can see “Follow” button beside those events. Just click on that “Follow” button, to get updates from these events.

   7. Select any one event and it shows days wise. Just click on the “+” sign to add that upcoming event to your calendar.

Save To Calendar

   8. Now, when you open your Google Calendar next time, Up To will display all events followed by you under “Upcoming” Tab.

See the below video for more details,

Bottom Line:

Up To Google Chrome Extension will provide you options to search particular event and place. I hope this is the best thing to be used with Calendar which keeps us updated about latest events which we are interested in. You can use this as App in Android and iPhone and it works only with Google Chrome Web Browser.

Have you used Up To Google Chrome extension to track your favorite events? Please, do share your experience with us through comments.