Google just made fashion image searches more interesting

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Google has just introduced a new feature called ‘styled ideas’ for image searches. It will show inspirational lifestyle images and outfits images of the product you had been searching for. With this, it aims to enhance the user experience while searching for images related to fashion.

Styled Ideas shows high-quality images that show how the product you are searching will look while carrying of wearing. For example, if you search for a bag, it will show you models carrying the bag.

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Styled Ideas

It is similar to Pinterest that has been doing the same thing for years. Google wants you to ditch Pinterest and find similar kind of exploratory shopping images. After the shift to mobile phones, users have easy access to different services via apps. So, users are less likely to use Google search if they have an app to offer the relevant answer.

Google confirms that “Style Idea” images are algorithmically selected by taking the advantage of Google’s machine learning capabilities.

Google will also display an expanded carousel for similar items if you search for apparel. A few months back, it added similar items feature for purses, sunglasses, and shoes. Now it has added six more verticals in this.

Similar Items

These features are now available in Google App for Android and mobile app.

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