Apple Becomes World’s No.1 Smartphone Vendor Followed by Samsung and LG in Q3 2014 [Reports]


There are reports around the technology sites that Xiaomi has become the 5th largest smartphone vendor and Motorola has also occupied a comfortable position in the smartphone sales. In between these news, here is  a report published in the  strategy analytics that Apple has become the World largest smartphone vendor in the sense of revenue in Q3 2014. According to the report, There is a rise of 13% in the Global smartphone industry in which Apple has gained the first position in terms of revenue and Samsung gained the second position. If we talk in terms of volume, Samsung has gained the 1st position. Xiaomi made the entry in the Global smartphone sales by gaining 5th spot. LG has maintained its 3rd spot as compared to the previous Quarter.

Apple has introduced two new smartphones this year namely iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus. The firm has posted that it has sold 10 million smartphone after its initial launch. According to few reports, Apple’s iPhone 6 plus is bestseller for past three months. iPhone 6 has also gained much popularity across the world. Launch of these two smartphones didn’t create any effect on the sales of iPhone 5S and 5C models. These smartphones also contributed very big volume in the sales of Apple smartphone in this Quarter. There is also a new entry in the top 5 spot and you can guess the name easily its none other then Xiaomi. The main reason behind the Xiaomi growth is emerging markets like India. Focusing on Indian market resulted into a triple-digit year-over-year growth. The most overwhelming response Xiaomi has received is for its Xiaomi mi4 smartphone that was launched in the month of August. In India, Xiaomi M3 and Redmi 1S also contributed a lot in the company’s revenue. The best thing to see in Xiaomi growth is that how quickly the firm has move behind its home market and made a good spot in other countries. Few reports confirmed that Xiaomi is now third largest smartphone maker. But we will have to wait for the next quarter report to know how exactly it is performing in this quarter.

Samsung has gained the 2nd spot in the sense of revenue and if we consider the volume it is the clear leader in the Global smartphone sales. The company has also seen a drop in the sales of its smartphone due to extreme competitive pressure from the other smartphone firms. Samsung has seen a maximum drop in its high end devices but the mid range and lower end devices has given a lot of sales to the company. It also drove company to the 1st spot in the sense of volume of smartphone sold in this Quarter. Lastly LG has maintained its 3rd spot in the Global smartphone sales. LG for the first time in its smartphone sales history crossed the mark of 15 million. The main driving force is the company F and L series smartphones that has received a very warm welcome by the consumers. They sold a very good amount of F and L series smartphone both in the emerging and developed countries. LG has also released its new LG G3 smartphone to focus on the high end devices. This is the first smartphone from the LG that supports 4G LTE.

Despite there are rumors around the market that the smartphone shipment will be slow,  there are new records made by the smartphone firms. There are also facts that the developing countries are seeing a more growth rate in the smartphone sales as compared to the developed countries. The developed countries are preferring high end technology smartphones whereas developing countries are preferring both high end and featured phones. The challenge for the different smartphone firms is that how to make money on smartphones that consumers are using as a commodity products. In this list only Apple is there rest are just struggling to do this.