Before Microsoft Deal, Nokia Was Working on Android Devices


Lumia with Android? Yes Nokia was working on Android powered devices before Microsoft deal. And Android powered by Lumia devices could come sometimes after later 2014.

Nokia Was Working on Android

NY Times gets few details of Anroid powered Nokia devices from an internal team within Nokia. The team within Nokia was secretly working on Android powered devices before Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Mobile and services division for $7.2 billion.

It was not surprising because Nokia’s Windows Phone effort was not working good for company. And company always has a Plan B for its future.

The Verge also notes that Nokia’s effort was not limited to only Android powered Lumia devices. Company was also experimenting Asha devices on Android for low-end Android devices.

Nokia devices comes with a good design and colors. People always like the design but expect it to run on Android. Now Microsoft is the owner and every single hope of Nokia with Android is gone. We will probably never see a Nokia device with Android OS.


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