Lenovo officially discontinues Vibe series to focus on Moto Lineup

Lenovo Vibe K5 Note
Lenovo Vibe K5 Note


Lenovo has officially confirmed to discontinue its Lenovo Vibe smartphone series. Lenovo’s VP of Global Marketing Jan Huckfeldt confirmed this move. He also confirmed that the company’s primary focus would be the Moto brand.

Motorola devices continue to be popular smartphones in India and other countries. But Lenovo’s push for its own brand was hurting the Moto phones. Consumers were also preferring Moto over Lenovo making it hard for the company to get enough space for Lenovo phones.

In recent months, Moto has almost stopped launching phones under its brand. It is focusing on Moto range and introduced many smartphones including the Moto C and Moto M lineup.

Currently, Lenovo has three brands: ZUK, Moto, and Lenovo. We believe that ZUK is not going anywhere and Lenovo will continue to launch Zuk devices in India. But there have been rumors in past that Lenovo is also dropping the Zuk brand.

He only talked about Vibe series, so I believe that Lenovo’s battery focused phones in P series will continue to come.

The way Lenovo has launched several new phones in Moto lineup, we believe that Lenovo does not want Moto’s brand value to fade away. While Huckfeldt says that there is no cannibalisation (between the Moto and Lenovo phones) and that the two brands complement each other, I have seen several consumers comparing Moto and Lenovo phones to decide what to buy. Many even asked me why Lenovo wants to make it difficult for consumers to decide whether it should go with Lenovo or Moto. Lenovo Vibe K5 Note and Moto G4 Plus were competing with each other.

The only thing I will hate if Lenovo tried to push its UI to Moto phones. Moto phones with pure Android experience are great. This is the reason many people prefer Moto phones. The only issue I see is the delay in updates. I hope Lenovo will think about updates seriously.

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Source: India Today