8 Most Popular Indian Tech YouTube Channels

Most Popular Indian Tech Youtube Channels (1)
Most Popular Indian Tech Youtube Channels (1)

The year 2017 is the best and booming year for photos and videos. Many companies and Entrepreneurs are focusing in the field of videos. And when it comes to spending time on the internet, the first name came to mind is YouTube. YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing website. It has thousands of YouTube channels on different things including life hacks, entertainment, cooking, dance, technology, education, tutorials and a lot more. As a tech blogger, I like to watch technology video.

In India, this Vlogging trend is new but booming very fast. There are many Indian tech YouTube channels. Some Tech Vloggers are popular and some are good but still struggling. The competition is really tough like the subject “Technology”. If you were looking to subscribe some popular tech YouTubers to follow, we tried to help you. We have compiled a list of Popular and most subscribed tech channels from India. Hope, you will find them useful and will subscribe them.

Note: This article is updated on August 2017

8 Most Popular Indian Tech YouTube Channels

1. Technical Guruji:

Most subscribed YouTube channel

Technical Guruji was created by Gaurav Chaudhry on 18th October 2015 and in a very short time, he managed to make this channel “most popular Indian tech channel” on YouTube. The main motive behind the creation of this channel was to make technology “Easy to Understand”. Gaurav does Tech Videos in Hindi. He is a Security Professional, presently living in Dubai.

Videos from technical Guruji are very informative and easy to understand. This best Indian tech YouTube channel has more than 2,712,011 subscribers.

Subscribe: Technical Guruji

2. Geekyranjit:

Most subscribed YouTube channel

Mr. Ranjit Kumar is the founder of GeekyRanjit tech YouTube channel. He has expert Opinions on Tech and gadgets. He does the reviews on tech product/gadgets & smartphones and tells other how to effectively use them in daily life. This channel has more than 1,300,512 subscribers from all over the world. Now he has also started making videos in Hindi via his different channel dedicated to Hindi videos.

Subscribe: GeekyRanjit

3. C4Etech

Most popular YouTube tech channel

Ashwin Ganesh is the founder of C4ETech YouTube channel. This is a tech channel which basically focuses on Smartphones and Android. This channel has videos related to Reviews, Comparisons & Tests to App & Game recommendations to Mods and tutorials. In one of his videos, he also shared his life story and told viewers how he became a YouTuber.

C4ETech has 805,167 subscribers and to stay updated you can also subscribe to C4ETech.

Subscribe C4ETech

4. iGyaan:

Most popular YouTube tech channel

Bharat Nagpal is the founder and business head of iGyaan. This channel mainly focuses on Android, iOS, News, Reviews, Unboxing Video and Hands On Videos of the latest Mobile phones and other gadgets. Videos from iGyaan are not just informative but the presentation is also very good.

iGyaan has 618,638 subscribers and is growing very fast as the videos are informative.

Subscribe: iGyaan

5. GadgetsToUse

Most popular YouTube gadget channel

GadgetsToUse was founded by Abhishek Bhatnagar, a blogger turned into a YouTuber. In this channel, he tells you how to use your gadgets in a better way and tried to give you knowledge of different things related to gadgets. He also suggests best gadgets which you can buy and use in day to day life. The channel is all about latest tech happening, latest smartphones, tablets and other innovative and new tech gadgets. Initially, he started the channel with videos in English language but now he does videos in both Hindi and English.

It has 618,321 subscribers.

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6. Sharmaji Technical

popular YouTube channels in India


Praval Sharma started his tech YouTube channel named, Sharmaji Technical in May 2015. He is the person who was courageous enough to come in Tech Vblogging space with Hindi videos and got enough respect from viewers. He provides Tech reviews in the Hindi Language. Hindi videos are easy to understand and targets the viewers who want to know about gadgets but have no knowledge of English.

He has 557,899+ subscribers and growing with good pace.

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7. Beebom:

YouTube tech channels in India

Beebom is the new player in the tech videos on YouTube as compare to others but it is one of the fastest growing tech channels. It provides useful tips and resources on software, apps, and gadgets you can’t live without. These bunch of guys working on this channel is hard working dudes. They share very informative videos and tried to keep everything simple and easy to understand.

This channel is my personal favorite one. The Beebom has 453,352+ subscribers and it is growing very fast.

Subscribe: Beebom

8. Intellect Digest

Intellect Digest was founded by Rohit Khurana. He is a popular technology expert and blogger from India. On his channel Intellect Digest, he reviews latest gadgets. He provides reviews of latest smartphones, tablets, laptops, convertibles, ultrabook, speakers, camera and more. This channel has 254,745+ subscribers.

Subscribe: Intellect Digest

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This is our list of best and popular Indian Tech YouTube channels. Do share your views in comments. Also, If you know any other Indian Tech Channel that should be on this list then do tell us.