Top 5 Android Games try this month: March 2017

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Many exciting games are making its way to the Android Platform every single day. If you are at your wit’s end trying to find a fun and exciting game to twiddle your thumbs, Don’t worry, We’ve gathered a list of Android games just for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 5 Android Games

1. Super Mario Run:

Super Mario Run has made its debut on Android recently and has garnered a lot of attention.  It was received fairly well when it was launched on iOS last year and will certainly leave you feeling nostalgic. Super Mario Run is a Side Scrolling Runner game, which can be played with just one hand.

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You can make Mario perform Stylish Jumps, Midair Spins, and Wall Jumps by timing your taps. as you collect coins on the way towards the goal. The game is divided into six worlds, with each world consisting of four courses. However, only the first world is available for free. to unlock the other worlds, you will need to make a one-time purchase of around Rs. 800.

The price might probably be a little too high, but hey you get the first world for free, So it is definitely worth a try.

Download Now: Google Play

2. N.O.V.A Legacy:

The N.O.V.A Legacy is a remake of the original N.O.V.A saga and sports a better UI, gorgeous visuals and a revised storyline. The standout feature of this game is that fact that it is just 20 MB in size, you heard that right, all the visuals, graphics, UI and Gameplay in just 20 MB.

The story follows the path of Kal Wardin, a retired N.O.V.A veteran and his fight to protect the humanity. The gameplay is very smooth and this FPS gives a very immersive experience. There are tons of weapons and options to craft upgrades to the said weapons.

With different game modes and an online multiplayer arena, the N.O.V.A Legacy is a must try.

Download Now: Google Play

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3. A Boy and His Blob:

A Boy and His Blob was critically acclaimed when it came out for NES and has made its way to the Android platform. This revamped and reimagining of the classic game lets you play as a boy, who alongside his Blob has to save the world from the evil Emperor.

This Platform Puzzle game is very impressive visually and is supported by a very emotionally driven story. It is available for purchase at Rs. 340 and is an Unreleased app, which means it may be unstable, but we had no problem running it.

Download Now: Google Play

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4. GetMeBro!:

GetMeBro is an epic skill based multiplayer game and you win by knocking down your opponents. The key to winning is to choose from many abilities and creating a strategy. Like many multiplayer games, GetMeBro lets you customize your character, unlock new abilities, and enter tournaments, amongst many other things.

The game also has a single-player mode which you can play offline, a pretty handy addition. The game is smooth and controls are fluid. It is available for free and is recommended to everyone looking for a good multiplayer game.

Download Now: Google Play

5. Batman: Arkham Underworld:

Although the game is titled as Batman: Arkham Underworld, you do not play as the Caped Crusader, instead, you play as the bad guys. This game is set before the events of the Arkham Trilogy Video games and is a tactical action and management game.

You get to hire and recruit super villains from a huge roster that includes Bane, Harley Quinn, Riddler and much more. The game also lets you train an army of thugs, grow your criminal empire and crush your enemies to earn loot and respect, create an ultimate hideout full of traps, security forces, and hidden dangers.

The game is free to play and will certainly keep you occupied for hours.

Download Now: Google Play

Hope you like the game list and will try all of these. 🙂


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