Google Wants to Simplify Web for Indian Users With Its New Campaign


Google India has launched a new campaign which aims to simplify web for Indian internet users. Google wants to show how Internet users can get instant answers to their common queries. This campaign is called “Start Searching India.” Google wants to share few Google search tips and tricks with Internet users. Find it here.

Google Wants to Simplify Web for Indian Users With its new campaign

“The objective of the campaign is to help simplify the Web for Indian users, showing how they can get instant answers to their most common queries,” Sandeep Menon, Director, Marketing, Google India, said here.

“Whether it is to find out about the weather, checking flight status, or even looking for a restaurant for dinner date, Google Search can give users instant answers to these common queries in the form of information cards that appear above search results,” he added.

Its true that Google search can make life simpler as it can help us in many ways. We can find out many things and get instant info just with a Google search.

“Today the next billion users are making the leap from no internet to mobile internet, without ever having used a desktop computer. It is in fact quite fascinating to see an overwhelming response from the youth dominated Chandigarh populace, who has readily embraced the technology in their lifestyle. Chandigarh is believed to be one of the top cities when it comes to internet usage. We are glad to see this user pool making Google Search synonymous to internet usage. It is great to know that cities like Chandigarh are using Google Search for their smallest of requirements. The Google Search results evidently reflect the growing amalgamation of internet technology into their everyday life,” Sandeep Menon, explained.

He demonstrated many things while announcing the campaign. He also revealed that people of Chandigarh search mostly with Google Trends ( Google trends is a nice tool that can show what people are searching in a given period of time.